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SNYA has a rich history in pre- nursing school preparation, nursing student mentoring and NCLEX preparation. Working under New York State Department of Health grant-funded programs since 2003, individuals seeking a career in nursing received funding for educational expenses as well as technical instruction, support, and mentoring to prepare for entrance into nursing school and throughout the nursing school and nursing licensure processes. The most recent nursing development grant of up to $972,984 was awarded under the New York State Department of Health Workforce Retraining Initiative.

In an effort to respond to Association members’ needs for international nurses to stem the tide of the potential deleterious effects on patient care resulting from the national nursing shortage, SNYA has developed international nurse NCLEX and cultural acclimation preparation programs. Successful NCLEX testing and immigration represent only half of the international nurse’s journey. Upon arrival in the United States , international nurses face both professional and personal challenges. These programs incorporate research recommendations and practice guidelines, thereby offering an amalgam of methodologies to achieve desired outcomes.

Blending web-based technology with live instruction, SNYA affords Association members the opportunity to maximize nursing recruitment expenditures by investing in educational development programs rather than short-term, discreet programming. Nurses recruited into SNYA programs become partners in a community with mutually-established goals. This participatory approach engages candidates and facilitates the learning and acclimation process.

International NCLEX-RN

International nurses seeking NCLEX success have a multitude of choices in the test preparation marketplace: live classes, books, DVDs, CD Rom, e-mail tutoring, e-books, archived or live internet lectures and web classes. Each venue provides trainers or instructors to deliver NCLEX-related content. Some services focus on a review of nursing school content aiming to strengthen candidates’ nursing knowledge; others offer shortcuts and tips about the nature of the exam; many include practice question drills.

All are predicated on the assumption that users are successful self-directed learners. The SNYA experience has revealed that candidates other than self-directed learners have unmet needs in the area of NCLEX and acclimation preparation. Therefore, SNYA program design combines the best practices of each of the above-mentioned NCLEX preparation methodologies:

   NCLEX readiness assessments, tutorials, and question bank are provided through one of the expert providers in the NCLEX preparation sector

   NCLEX webcasts provide candidates with guidelines and instruction in areas supporting effective NCLEX test-taking

   Online instruction affords candidates the opportunity to apply the information through specifically-designed exercises

   E-mail correspondence with instructors and program coordinators enables candidates to communicate throughout the program and to receive individualized feedback, coaching, and support, thereby facilitating learning.

In summary, the SNYA program for international nurse preparation and acclimation builds and establishes relationships with candidates throughout the learning process, continually assessing readiness and providing educational content that creates partnerships in learning. A distance learning community is developed concurrent with New York-based activities with Association members to create a welcoming environment for newcomers participating in the program. The program concludes with the arrival and transition of international nurses into the Southern New York Association community of facilities.

International Nurse Transition Program

The successful transition of international nurses to the U.S skilled nursing facility environment is dependent on several factors in addition to the activities of the international recruitment organization. These factors include but are not limited to the following:

Pre-employment screening, assessment, selection, and placement

Pre-employment (NCLEX) licensing test preparation 

Introduction to the culture of nursing in the United states as well as the long term care community 

Relationship development and support 

Pre and post arrival case management to increase awareness and assist with issues of cultural differences, housing, transportation, food and support system development

In this model, the SNYA transition coordination team provides NCLEX support as well as serves as facility liaison for the coordination of administrative activities with facility departments of human resources, nursing, and staff education to facilitate the successful outcome of newcomer welcome and transition.

Program activities include the following:

Profile review, candidate interview and assessment 

Case management: pre-arrival in the U.S. and weekly post arrival for the initial 90 day period of acclimation 

Facility seminars to increase awareness and to begin community development process 

Administrative meetings, telephone calls and conferences with members of executive administration, human resources, staff education and nursing

Welcome dinner orientation and distribution of newcomer welcome baskets

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